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DermaBellix: Painless Way To Remove Skin Tags

dermabellixSkin tags are tiny benign outpouchings of the skin and look like tiny bits of “hanging skin”. They look like soft pieces of skin and can be found on almost any surface of the body, but usually occur in areas that rub against clothing such as the armpit, neck, groin and eyelids.In some cases, they can also be found on the face. Experts say that the formation of skin tags is hereditary, which is why some people are more susceptible to it. An effective skin tag remover can help eliminate skin tags and prevent them from growing back.

People usually develop skin tags in their middle age years. Even though there is no known cause of skin tag formation, experts say that they are caused by collagen and blood vessels that get trapped together under thicker skin. According to the NIH (National Institutes of Health), approximately 46% of people in the country have skin tags. If you’re one of these people, DermaBellix can help you get rid of your problem.

DermaBellix Overview

dermabellixDermaBellix is a skin care product designed to remove skin tags safely and painlessly. The product’s extra strength formulation is composed of natural ingredients so it can be applied anywhere in your body so it doesn’t matter if your skin tags are on the face, under the breast or armpit, neck or eyelids. This fast acting formula can be used by both males and females of any age.

Dermatologists refer to skin tags as acrochordons. They remove skin tags usually by freezing it with liquid nitrogen, or using electrocautery (burning). These procedures are done at the doctor’s clinic and are usually costly. Home remedies are risky because it can cause infection and are not effective in preventing the tag from growing back. Although there are many home remedies that can be found, one should avoid using these methods as it may cause an infection, scarring and recurrence of skin tag growth. Using an effective skin tag remover like DermaBellix is not only painless; but also safe and more affordable than visiting your dermatologist.

Benefits of Using The Product

dermabellix-benefitsDermBellix is easy to apply in the convenience of your own home. It can be safely applied anywhere in your skin and it works quickly. In some cases, you can see skin tags fall off in as little as 8 hours after application. Once skin tags are removed, they are gone forever. Here are other benefits of using the product.

  • Works on all skin types
  • No Surgery, No Laser
  • No harmful toxic chemicals
  • Ingredients sourced in the USA and Canada
  • Cost effective
  • Fresh pine needle scent
  • Works Anywhere

The product is designed to remove skin tags and prevent it from coming back.. It also helps to prevent scarring that you could experience with laser surgery or electrocautery. There are also no insurance headaches when you use the product. DermaBellix can help you avoid expensive procedures while removing skin tags from the convenience of your home.

A clinical trial confirms that using DermaBellix triggered an improvement in skin quality by 87%.

How DermaBellix Works

The product works fast and is easy to use. Always start by cleaning the area around the skin tag. You can use a cleanser or soap to do this. Once the skin is clean and dry, apply the product to the affected area using the applicator or a cosmetic pad. Allow the formula to work for at least 8 hours after application. DermaBellix will dry off the skin tag so that it will painlessly fall off. The manufacturer recommends using the product at night so that you won’t rub it off.

Once DermaBellix is applied to the skin, the essential oils in the product will penetrate the skin so that it reaches the melanocyte (root of the skin) and begin to attack it. Once you begin to smell the pine needle scent, you can be sure that DermaBellix is working to remove the skin tag. Avoid picking on the skin tags and let it fall off naturally. Once the tag falls off, you can apply a skin repair cream to speed up healing time and prevent scarring.

Final Thoughts

Skin tags are a very common skin disease with 1 in 2 Americans experiencing this problem. Although they are harmless, their presence can be annoying, especially if they are located in very visible areas like the neck and face. Men and women who have used DermaBellix say that they feel more attractive and confident after using the product. DermaBellix is a cost-effective, painless and safe way of removing pesky skin tags.


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