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New Age Cream: An Advanced Anti-Wrinkle Face Cream You Should Trust?

newagecreamA good body image can be the most effective solution to bring out the confidence in women. It is a proven fact that women who feel and look young and attractive have more confidence in them than those who suffer from the signs of aging.This is challenged by the natural process of aging, which we all know is unavoidable and inevitable. With the help of a reliable and innovative skincare product, however, the most dreaded signs of aging can be reduced or even eliminated. It may not bring out instantaneous results like surgical procedures and Botox injections, but it is as effective, much safer and more affordable.

About the Product

new age creamNew Age Cream is an age-defying formula that claims to provide the skin sufficient nutrients that should help improve its vitality and texture. With consistent use of this product, the most common signs of aging including wrinkles and fine lines are said to be eliminated or reduced in appearance in just four weeks.

What’s more, the product claims to be acclaimed by dermatologists as the best solution in fighting off these signs of aging. With the list of ingredients provided by the manufacturer, it is indeed a promising claim.


How does it Work

The formula contains potent and natural ingredients that claim to have been clinically tested and tried to be safe and effective. These ingredients are then infused together to formulate a unique solution that is capable of providing the proper skin hydration and sufficient nutrients to enhance and improve its vitality. With antioxidants present in the formula, it also provides skin protection against UV radiation, free radicals, and other harmful factors. Moreover, the formula stimulates the collagen production of the skin, helping with its elasticity and firmness to bring about a smooth and youthful appearance.

What are the Ingredients

Listed below are some of the key ingredients of the formula.

  • Shea Butter – This ingredient helps in moisturizing and nourishing the skin. It also contains anti-inflammatory and anti-acne properties.
  • Vitamin C – This ingredient is rich in antioxidants that contribute to the skin’s protection against the harmful effects of environmental stressors including free radicals.
  • Retinyl Palmitate – Considered to be less irritating than Retinol, this ingredient helps the formula to penetrate the skin’s surface, due to its molecular structure. It also helps in the regeneration and restoration of damaged skin cells, improving the skin’s vitality and vibrancy.
  • Glycerin – This ingredient helps with the hydration of the skin by providing sufficient moisture. It generally attracts water and seals them from escaping.
  • Marine Collagen – Also known as Fish Collagen, this ingredient contains antioxidant properties that improve the resistance and immunity of the skin.
  • Resveratrol – Derived from plants, this ingredient counters the harmful effects of stress, UV radiations, and various skin infections.

Expected Benefits of the Product

The manufacturer presented several advantages of the product.

  • The formula helps reduce the chances of skin inflammation
  • The skin is sufficiently hydrated and moisturized
  • The skin’s production of collagen and elastin is enhanced and increased
  • The product significantly reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet, and age spots
  • Consistent use of the product will bring about youthful and smooth looking skin
  • The formula contains powerful antioxidants that can protect the skin against UV rays, free radicals and other harmful toxins


Things You Should Be Aware of

Make sure you’ve read the product’s precautions and disadvantages below before placing an order.

  • The complete list of the product’s ingredients is not disclosed
  • The product can only be bought online through their official webpage
  • Manufacturer’s details is not provided
  • There is no supporting data or information found regarding its claims of clinical trials

How to Properly Apply The Cream

To achieve the best results of the product, follow the series of simple steps below.

  • Wash the face with a mild soap and water
  • Pat the skin dry with a soft cloth or towel
  • Apply a pea-sized amount of New Age Cream on the face
  • Wait for the skin to fully absorb the cream
  • Use the product daily

Final Thoughts About the Product

Picking a reliable skincare product is actually not that easy. With countless skincare products out on the market, there is only but a few points to consider that include product information and customer feedback. Unfortunately, very little  information was provided by New Age Cream and there were no reliable customer testimonies to be found on the internet. With the available information we have gathered, we find the product to be ambiguous and unreliable at this time.

Before proceeding on to the next skincare product on your list, make sure you check our highly recommended products below.


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