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Finesse Face Serum: How reliable and effective is it?

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Finesse Face SerumThe skin is undoubtedly the major factor in determining a person’s attractiveness. While it may sound harsh and even inconsiderate, it is true in almost all occasions. However, there is sdda treatment and it does not involve going under the knife. Rather than going through surgical procedures and Botox injections, use skincare products instead. It is much safer and provides results similar to the two methods mentioned above.

To start you off with your search, consider Finesse Face Serum. It is an age-defying skincare product that claims to have developed a formula capable of improving the skin’s overall appearance.

What the product is about

The product claims to provide amazing results in just a short span of time. They claim its formula can boost the skin’s production of collagen, an essential element in the skin tissue. The collagen basically helps with the cell binding, thereby creating a tight and firm structure. It also helps with skin hydration, thus providing moisture and nourishment to help the skin look soft, smooth, and glistening.

What potential users need to know is that the product is only available through a free trial offer. It costs $5 for its shipping free and $90 for every month if subscription is not cancelled before the 14th day trial period. The products company is based in Santa Ana, California.

How it works

Finesse Serum claims its advanced formula uses an efficient combination of systematic processes that could enhance the activity of its specific ingredients. The processes include QuSome Delivery System and Proprietary Bisophere, which makes the molecules capable of penetrating deep to a cellular level of the skin. These basically help the skin trap water, mimicking a sponge and giving a sustained release of necessary nutrients, thereby reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Aside from that, the presence of essential vitamins in the formula also enhances skin hydration. This makes the skin glow and smoothen which is essential in having a youthful and beautiful appearance.

The Product’s Ingredients

The product’s ingredients are said to work in synergy, thereby providing better results than other skincare products.

  • Ceramide-3 – This ingredient helps in boosting collagen production in the deeper layers of the skin. This promotes proper binding of cells and tissues as well as their repair and hydration, allowing the skin to be rejuvenated and revitalized
  • Black Currant Seed Extract – This ingredient acts as an antioxidant responsible for the skin’s protection against harmful factors, including free radicals, sun rays and dust particles.

What are its advantages?

Knowing the list of its advantages gives a sense of security for potential customers.

  • The QuSome Delivery System and Proprietary Bisophere helps in advancing and prolonging the product’s effects
  • The ingredients boost collagen levels of the skin that primarily reduce the signs of aging. It acts as a net and fills the gaps and cracks, thus producing a firm, smooth, and supple appearance
  • The formula contains effective antioxidants that can strengthen the immunity of the skin, aside from providing skin protection against the harmful effects of free radicals.
  • The formula is capable of removing blemishes and age spots
  • The company is based in the United States of America that adheres to the strict compliance of manufacturing policies

The Disadvantages

The disadvantages should not be ignored, for future references, in case any problems are encountered.

  • The product is not suitable for women who are under the age of 30
  • The results vary from one individual to another. If any adverse effects occur, consult a physician immediately
  • The cream is exclusively available online and through its free trial offer on their official webpage
  • Some websites have mentioned that the product haven’t been clinically tested and isn’t evaluated by the FDA
  • The product has a limited stock and is therefore difficult for regular users to maintain its continuous patronage
  • The serum is rather expensive

Application of the product

Proper use of the product is provided to avoid its inefficacy.

  • Wash your face from any dirt and then pat it dry with a soft towel
  • Take only a pea-sized amount of the serum and then apply it gently around the face and neck
  • Leave it for a few minutes for full absorption and to ensure its maximum effectiveness


Although the product has impressive benefits and could actually be true to its claims, there is a lack of information regarding its ingredients, and most importantly, lack of supportive data that could back its claims, making the product difficult to recommend.

If you feel this anti-aging serum is not for you, please feel free to check our highly recommended products listed below.

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