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Dermatone Facial Cream: An Anti-Aging Cream You Can Trust?

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A person goes through the natural process of aging just like everyone else. It can neither be prevented nor stopped. What you can do, however, is to slow down the progress of the most common signs of aging in which includes fine lines, under-eye circles, age spots, and wrinkles.

If you’re looking for a skincare product that can effectively manage your skin from deteriorating, consider Dermatone Facial Cream. Dubbed as the ‘Hollywood Secret’, the product claims to have a formula that is used by celebrities for years, bringing about their youthful and radiant look.

Dermatone Facial Cream Overview

Dermatone Facial Cream is an anti-aging skincare product that claims to have been sold to celebrities, giving them their attractive and youthful looks. Unlike most of the skincare products, the product is said to specialize in removing dark circles or eye circles. Through consistent use of the product, you can expect positive results such as smoother and healthier looking skin.

Dermatone Facial Cream is unfortunately, not marketed or sold at any retail store, but only through online on their website. They offer a free-trial period of 14 days in which you’ll have to pay for its shipping fee of around $4.95. If you don’t cancel within the 14 days period, the product is automatically considered sold and will further provide you with a month’s supply of the product every 30 days.

How Does it Work

The product contains natural and highly effective ingredients that are said to help restore the skin’s structure. These ingredients are then carefully formulated into a solution that can penetrate the deeper layers of the skin. Functioning at a cellular level, the formula provides significant changes to the skin’s appearance by removing wrinkles, fine lines and dark circles for a smoother and firmer skin. Furthermore, the formula is said to have a property known as slow-release molecules that can significantly prolong the positive results of the product.

Product Ingredients

The product claimed to have used high-quality and natural ingredients which are listed below.

  • Collagen Extract Collagen is the basic ingredient of a skincare product. It is an essential ingredient that helps reduce the appearance of the common signs of aging.
  • Peptides An ingredient that manages the skin’s structure, including collagen production.
  • Antioxidants A protective barrier that can fight-off the harmful effects caused by free radicals.
  • Hyaluronic Acid A powerful moisturizer that keeps the skin hydrated and nourished. It helps the skin look smoother and radiant.

What are the Advantages

There are several advantages of the product that you may or may not be looking for.

  • Age-defying ingredients are blended well to produce an effective and safe formula
  • Can significantly boost the skin’s production of collagen
  • Removes the visibility of dark circles
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • The product contains only natural ingredients
  • Results lasts longer than usual

What are the Disadvantages

Before using any skincare product, it is of utmost importance that you learn what the product can and can’t do for you, either positive or negative.

  • The product is only purchasable online through their website
  • Free-trial is integrated with an auto-pay system that can be quite difficult to cancel
  • The product costs more than an average skincare product should.

How to Apply

To achieve the best possible results of the skincare product, apply it properly with the series of steps below.

  • Clean your face thoroughly with a cleanser or with a mild soap and water
  • Gently dry the skin with a soft and clean towel
  • Apply a small amount of Dermatone Facial Cream on the face and neck area
  • Repeat application on a daily basis


The ingredients containing the formula of Dermaton Facial Cream are undeniably remarkable and it is highly effective and safe product. If only the skincare product is priced a little lower, it would’ve been an easy recommendation, however it is not. Not to mention, the free trial also comes with an auto-pay system which is rather difficult for customers to exit from.

If you feel you the product is a little too expensive for its quality, you can check our highly recommended products below.

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