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Illumatone Skin Serum: Does it Work Effectively and is it Safe?

in Anti Aging Serums

Illumatone-Skin-SerumThere are several factors that damage the skin’s integrity. The most common areas affected are under the eyes and around it. Other areas include places exposed to the sun including cheeks and forehead.  Wrinkles are then formed with fine lines, age spots, and dark circles accompanying it. It is no wonder that skin care products are booming, although only a number of them truly work.

Illumatone Skin Serum is one product that claims to be efficient and safe in defying age. It is considered by its manufacturer as an “Ageless Serum” for this purpose. It is said to have skin-friendly components that are potent and synergistically work together in order to reach optimum results. This so called innovative product has a scientifically advanced formula the company claims.


What makes growing old a problem are the changes to the skin. Wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, and crow’s feet make it visually unpleasant for many. Hence, there is tremendous development in products intended to address these problems.

Illumatone Skin Serum dubbed as “Ageless Serum” has been said to do just that. It has claimed to have ingredients which complement each other. They work well in making the skin look younger than it should. It has properties that can continuously hydrate and moisturize the skin which includes collagen.

How does it work?

The formula consists of small molecules that are able to penetrate deep into the layers of the skin. Each component penetrates and release at a cellular level in order to repair the source of damage in the skin including peptides. Enzymes are also present which helps give you a “fresh” looking skin. Consistent application for at least three weeks will produce a smoother, brighter and firmer skin.


The company claims to have clinically tested the formula which is completely safe and ensures best results.

  • Vitis Vinifera – Commonly known as grape seed extract which helps protect the skin from UV light damages. It balances the skin’s PH and improves its texture
  • Whey Protein – Increases collagen and smoothens the skin
  • Castor Oil – It is said to generate cell turnover and controls inflammation. It helps hydrate any dry skin

Benefits of using item

The product offers a list of benefits that should be considered.

  • It restores the skin’s healthy texture and youthful radiance
  • Boosts production of collagen thereby prolonging its effects and maintaining skin elasticity and firmness
  • Deep reduction of wrinkles due to its deeper penetration and release at cellular levels
  • Provides a longer lasting hydration and moisturizing effect
  • The company offers free trials to interested users
  • Contribute in the repair of damaged skin cells and tissues
  • The formula is said to be 100% natural and guaranteed to be 100% risk free

Disadvantages of Illumatone Skin Serum

Some disadvantages of said product are listed below.

  • No available documentation of evidence proving its efficacy
  • It is only made available through the manufacturer
  • The price for a bottle is not fully disclosed
  • Claims of the free trial links are not working

How the product is used

Follow the steps for application properly to attain one’s goal in restoring youthful appearance.

  • Thoroughly clean and wash the face and neck area
  • Apply Illumatone Skin Serum all over the face up to the neck area
  • Allow time for full absorption through the skin
  • Use daily for maximum results

Final Verdict

This “Ageless Serum” claims to have a complex and innovative formula that can solve all problems of skin aging. The unidentified manufacturer says to have clinically tested and proven the product’s effectiveness and safety. It does not, however, provide enough evidence for it. They say it is 100% natural and 100% risk free. Despite its bold claims, no detailed information is given of its ingredients and manufacturer.

Although the product has received critical praise, there is limited information available that is important to one’s health and wallet.

If you feel the product is not for you, try our other highly recommended products below instead.

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