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Ego Lifting Cream: Is it an Effective and safe Skincare Product?

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EGO-LIFTING-CreamThe results of aging are wrinkles, fine lines, under eye circles, and age spots. All of which are caused by a decrease in collagen production. Collagen is essential in hydrating the skin and responsible for repairing damaged tissue. This type of damage may be brought about by exposure to UVB and UVA radiation. It is a common reason that age spots or sunspots appear.

Ego Lifting Cream is a product intended to fix this issue. It serves as an anti-wrinkle cream but it also acts to defy the aging process. It is commonly referred to as “Ego Lifting for Wrinkles and Fine Lines”. They claim that it eliminates wrinkles and fine lines effectively including age spots.

Product Overview

A person can scan the net for skin care products that they feel would suit them. What most women are determined to look for is the solution to reduce or eliminate wrinkles. Wrinkles happen because the skin is dry and unhealthy. Collagen is the main factor that contributes to skin’s healthy and moisturized glow.

Ego Lifting Cream is said to be formulated in order to increase the production of collagen. Currently, the  body’s protein is made up of 30% collagen. However, this number decreases as we get older which then leads to wrinkles, fine lines and the rest. The manufacturers’ do claim that its formula allows increase in the concentration of collagen. This in turn revitalizes the skin making it look young again.

How will it Work?

This anti-wrinkle cream works by having peptides as an ingredient that is intended to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin. This would extend the beautifying effect by stimulating the boost in collagen content. Collagen also fills gaps in spaces or cracks by moisturizing and hydrating the skin. This process also helps increase the healing ability and resistance of the skin. All these benefits is what the product claims to accomplish. It is also said to treat skin redness, irritation, or even eczema.

Components of Ego Lifting Cream

The components of this product work cooperatively in improving or restoring the skin’s youthful appearance.

  • Acai Fruit Extract – This ingredient is used in beauty products for its anti-oxidant effects
  • Hyaluronic Acid – This component can act as lubricant or cushion for tissues. It is said to be the “fountain of youth” but no evidence supports its claim
  • 5 muscle relaxing and collagen peptidesIt is the main protein abundant in a human body. It is likened to a cement that holds everything together thereby making the skin firm and elastic

Advantages of Ego Lifting Cream

This item claims to be 100% all natural which helps in achieving one’s goal of restoring and maintaining a youthful appearance regardless of old age.

  • It makes the skin smoother and firmer removing fine lines and wrinkles
  • It prevents dehydration which then leads to a moisturized skin. This also prevents drying and cracks or flakes
  • Components include anti-oxidants that help in healing and increasing resistance from harmful radicals
  • It eradicates age spots, dark spots and crow’s feet
  • The manufacture offers samples for free trial in 14 days

What are its Disadvantages

There are some points which may cause you to question the product.

  • No information is given for its full list of ingredients
  • The manufacturer remains to be unknown
  • Despite its claims it can’t be used as a substitute cure, treatment, or diagnosis for any diseases
  • The price is not fully disclosed
  • It can’t be used by people ages 20 and below

How is it Used?

The product should be kept in a cool and dry area away from children’s reach

  • Wash face clean in the morning and at night before applying Ego Lifting Cream
  • Apply product to face and neck
  • Wait for it to dry at least for 3-4 minutes for best results
  • Use daily for continuous and optimum results

Final Verdict:

Ego Lifting is an anti-wrinkle cream that is said to be more effective and safe for its 100% natural components. It claims to do what majority of skin products can’t accomplish, which is eradicating the most common signs of aging including wrinkles, fine lines, age spots and crow’s feet. It also claims to have the ability to treat skin disorders that include redness, eczema, and irritation. Nevertheless, it fails to give detailed and complete information about its manufacturer and ingredients.

If you are not satisfied with its lack of information, you can try our other highly recommended products below.

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